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Welcome To The World Terre Alfieri DOCG

Welcome To The World Terre Alfieri DOCG


From 22 October 2020 Italy is boasting 76 DOCGs. From that day on Terre Alfieri upgraded from DOC (Denominazione di Origine Controllata) to the highest DOCG (Denominaione di Origine Controllata e Garantita) status.

Piedmont was already the first ranked Italian region in terms of prestigious DOCGs. With this latest DOCG added to the list, the north-western Italian region counts 18 DOCGs and confirms again its supremacy in terms of high-quality wines.

We are sure you are as excited as we were to familiarize yourself with Terre Alfieri DOCG. So, without further ado, we jump right away to discover it all together.

We can’t be unprepared for such a great event… Let’s get ready then!

Some vineyards in the province of Cuneo
Figure 1: Some vineyards in the province of Cuneo (, 2020)

The 11 Communes

Terre Alfieri DOCG includes 7 communes located in the province of Asti and 4 in the province of Cuneo.

The ones in the province of Asti are:

  • Antignano
  • Celle Enomondo
  • Cisterna
  • Revigliasco
  • San Damiano
  • San Martino Alfieri
  • Tigliole

As far as the communes located in the province of Cuneo, they are:

  • Castellinaldo
  • Govone
  • Magliano Alfieri
  • Priocca
Figure 2: A beautiful bunch of Arneis (, 2013)

Terre Alfieri DOCG: Grapes, Styles, And Law Requirements

Terre Alfieri was established as a DOC in 2009. However, it was able to reach the peak of the mountain within only 11 years, thanks to the commitment and know-how of experts local winemakers. Their enormous efforts combined with their dedication allowed Terre Alfieri to become a DOCG in time for the 2020 vintage and enjoy the landscape from the top of the mountain.

These are the important pieces of information regarding Terre Alfieri DOCG to keep in mind along with the date of the upgrade.

DOCGGrapesStyleLaw requirements
Terre Alfieri Nebbiolomin 85% Nebbiolo
max 15% other red varieties allowed in Piedmont
min 4 months of aging

1 year of aging (6 months of which in oak)

2 years of aging (1 of which in oak)

Both needs to have a min 13,5% abv
Terre Alfieri Arneismin 85% Arneis
max 15% other white varieties allowed in Piedmont
6 months of aging

The Standard must have a min 12% abv

The Superiore must have a min 12,5% abv
Table 1: Terre Alfieri DOCG

As you can see Terre Alfieri DOCG includes two styles of wine. The red version based on Nebbiolo and the white one based on Arneis. These two styles were already included within the previous Terre Alfieri DOC. However, few rules and regulations have been updated with the promotion to the highest status (as showed on the table).

Those who love Piedmont might notice a resemblace with another local denomination: Roero DOCG. Don’t get confused though, the latter must be made by law from 95% Nebbiolo, for the red version, and 95% Arneis, for the white.

The commune of Govone in Cuneo
Figure 3: The commune of Govone in Cuneo (Beppe Pescaja, 2020)


In the world of wine, there are those dates that you will never forget (or at least you should always remember…). The 1855 classification system of Bordeaux, the year in which the Bold banned the “unfaithful grape” from his lands, the year in which Napa Valley‘s Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay changed the history of American wines or the day in which 22 vineyards of Pouilly-Fuissé were finally awarded the Premier Cru status.

The 22 October 2020 is definitely one of those dates to write down in your personal wine notes (guess you all have one like us…) because it’s the day in which another DOCG has to be added to the already-impressive Piedmont’s heritage.

Welcome to the world Terre Alfieri DOCG!

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